Bahasa Melayu Singapura


    Always answer based on the corpus examples.
  1. abang
    between saudara and abang, as way to call a male friend, one is more casual? one is more forcmal?
  2. amalan
    any examples that mean charity, good deeds?
  3. amanah

    ① do the examples mean a financial arrangement? or trust like you have trust in a person?
    ② tunaikan amanah... is this the same as menenuhi amanah? (fulfill the trust) what context or example can explain it?
  4. asap
    what is context for keluar asap? same as mengeluarkan asap?
  5. atas
    berlaku ke atas dirinya? what is context or example?
    ② tahun ke atas
  6. awan
    di balik awan = behind the clouds?
  7. ayu
    do you understand 'petanda aku akan kehilangan ayu' or more context needed? can translate?
  8. bagaimanapun
    is these examples considered peribahasa? which one is good to include as example in the dictionary? bagai bulan jatuh di tangan? bagai dipacu kuasa kuda liar? bagai kemboja sepi kugagahi perjalanan? bagai ditoreh segenap inci ruang? bagai patung yang ditinggalkan tercampak? bagai pucuk dicita ulam mendatang? bagai sapa yang berlagu menghilangkan?
  9. bagi
    can we find an example that means give?
  10. bagus

    ① is this an adjective... like saying 'a great car'
    ② an adverb... 'the two work great together'
    ③ an interjection... 'great! I will come tomorrow. super!'
  11. bangsa
    what is anak bangsa in this context? Ada maruah. Dia benar-benar mendidik anak bangsa. Dia benar-benar mendidik zalur batin.
  12. banyak
    how to use 'banyak berubah' in a sentence?
  13. barubaru
    are any examples an adjective modifying a noun? or are they all adverbs modifying a verb?
  14. batin
    maaf lahir batin?
  15. bawah
    mengadap ke bawah duli?
  16. bayangan
    can you translate 3 random examples to show different meanings?
  17. bayar
    do you say a person is 'going to pay' or 'wants to pay' (nak bayar) or do you say that a price or amount is 'payable' (nak bayar)?
  18. bayi

    ① is waris bayi the baby's guardian?
    ② rambut bayi is the hair on a baby? or has a special other meaning?
  19. begitu

    ① how to use 'begitu rupa' in a sentence?
    ② how to use begitu sekali in a sentence?
  20. begitulah
    in what kind of situation would you say 'begitulah seterusnya'? what context?
  21. bekas
    is bekas cuci the container you put dirty clothes in while waiting for them to accumulate? or is it the bowl you put water inside to wash the clothes?
  22. bekerja
    bekerja tetap?
  23. belah
    cincin belah rotan?
  24. belakang
    di belakang dapur ... behind the kitchen is the yard behind the house?
  25. benar
    how to use benar kata in a sentence?
  26. berada
    any examples mean rich? if not, can you create one?
  27. berani
    is berani menjual berani membeli a peribahasa? what situation do people say this?
  28. beras
    what is beras kunyit used for?
  29. berat

    ① berat mata memandang berat lagi?
    ② can you create 2 sentences with berat hati?
    ③ two sentences with terasa berat
  30. berbeza
    is jauh berbeza the same meaning as sangat berbeza?
  31. berbuat

    ① is berbuat baik ' to do well ' (to do something with skill?), or ' to do good ' (to do the right thing morally) ?
    ② berbuat demikian and berbuat begitu have same meaning?
  32. bercakap
    boleh bercakap?
  33. beredar
    which meaning is more common in the first 10 examples?
    ① rotate, circulate, go around
    ② leave
  34. bererti
    can you translate the first 4 examples?
  35. berjalan
    'berjalan kaki' same meaning as berjalan?
  36. berkata

    ① how to use 'berkata sambil' in a sentence?
    ② berkata lagi is repeat? or like to add something to the conversation?
  37. bermain
    what is bermain air ?
  38. bermakna
    can you create an example with 'lebih bermakna'?
  39. berpakaian
    berpakaian kemas means wearing jewellery or dressed in nice clothing?
  40. bersalaman
    is this shaking hands? or more general word for greeting and saying hello?
  41. bersama
    can you say 'makan bersama' without a word after it to mean 'eat together', similar to bersama-sama? or must you add a word, for example 'makan bersama kita' eat with us?
  42. bersetuju
    tanda bersetuju?
  43. bersih
    surat yang kosong dan bersih?
  44. bersuara
    'bersuara dengan nada yang tinggi' means loud like angry? or high-pitched like a woman speaking and not a man?
  45. besar
    berinai is to apply henna. berinai besar has different meaning?
  46. betapa
    can you create example with betapa tidak kerana?
  47. biar
    are these peribahasa? biar sampai ke pangkal lengan? biar putih tulang jangan putih? biar pecah di perut jangan? biar mati anak jangan mati?
  48. bibir
    menjuihkan bibir the same emotion as mencebik bibir? I think menjuihkan bibir means both lips go down like a frown (opposite of smile)? and mencebik bibir is only to move the lower lip, and not the top lip?"
  49. biji
    is satu biji tomato 'one tomato' (classifier)? or 'a tomato seed' (literally the tiny seed from a tomato)?
  50. bilang

    ① in the first 10 examples, how many mean 'tell'? what are the other meanings in the first 10?
    ② bilang sama mak?
  51. bilik

    ① what is a bilik rehat? similar to toilet? or a place with nice sofas to relax ?
    ② is sewa bilik a noun (the rent for the room) or a verb (to rent the room)?
    ③ bilik periksa? exam room? control room? what is an example?
    ④ bilik belajar is the classroom in a school? or in somebody's home? same as bilik darjah?
  52. binatang

    ① mostly used for mammals? also used for birds? reptiles?
    ② for otter, what is more common? berang? berang-berang? memerang? memberang?
  53. bingkas
    many examples of bingkas dan duduk. bingkas dan berdiri. bingkas bangun. what is the context? is bingkas always upward movement? bingkas dan duduk is because somebody was lying down before?
  54. bintang
    akar melingkar sebelit tali membelit sedikit kata pengantar menjolok bintang di langit?
  55. bisa
    in the first 10 examples, are they all boléh? or any meaning venom or poison? can pronounce -e?
  56. boleh
    in what situations do people say 'mana boleh' can you give a few examples and create context?
  57. bolehkah
    in what situation do you say 'tak bolehkah'? is it in the beginning of a question like 'can't we go tomorrow?'"
  58. buat
    can you create 2 sentences to teach 'buat sendiri'?
  59. budak
    any examples meaning slave, or all examples are for a child, boy, girl?
  60. bukan
    bukan kepalang? bukan setakat?
  61. bukankah
    can you translate the first 3 examples?
  62. bukanlah
    can you translate the first 3 examples?
  63. bukannya
    can you translate the first 3 examples?
  64. bulan

    ① bulan mengambang same meaning as bulan purnama?
    ② anak bulan same meaning as bulan sabit?
  65. buluh
    what is classifier?
  66. bumi
    what is menyembah bumi? to worship the earth? is jatuh ke bumi like if you drop a book on the ground? or if an object from very high (from an airplane) falls to planet Earth?
  67. bunga
    how do you say 'the flowers are growing'?
  68. buruk
    can you create 2 examples to show 'yang buruk berlaku'
  69. cakap

    ① dengar cakap ?
    ② is banyak cakap a noun 'a lot of talking' or a verb ' to talk a lot'?
    ③ can you give or create examples of dah cakap?
  70. cantik
    cantik rupawan means same as just cantik? sungguh cantik same meaning as mémang cantik?
  71. celaka

    ① can you say celaka as an interjection alone similar to english 'ah shit!' or is it always an adjective describing something?
    ② can pronounce -e?
  72. cucu
    is anak cucu the same as cucu? grandchild?
  73. cukup
    how to use 'cukup membuat' in sentence? dia cukup kenal akan?
  74. dara
    can pronounce -e?
  75. darjah
    luar darjah? how to pronounce celcius? is it cél? sél? sel?
  76. dasar
    di atas batu dasar?
  77. dengan
    is it more common to say 'antara 4 dan 5' or 'antara 4 dengan 5'?
  78. dewan
    dewan mandi?
  79. dewasa
    dewasa kelak?
  80. diam
    can you make 2 sentences to show hanya diam in context?
  81. disebabkan
    can you translate the first 4 examples?
  82. disebut
    can you translate the first 3 examples?
  83. ditutup
    ditutup rapat?
  84. duit
    what is duit raya?
  85. elok
    elok juga?
  86. faham
    can you create 2 or 3 sentences to show how to use 'faham akan' and 'faham dengan'?
  87. gua
    are any of the example sentences the meaning of saya?
  88. hajat
    membuang hajat?
  89. hal

    ① can hal be used as preposition similar to 'tentang'?
    ② bertanyakan hal? = ask about the incident?
  90. hidung
    is batang hidung classifier? or just a way to say nose?
  91. intan
    is intan permata something different than just intan?
  92. istimewa
    can pronounce -e at end?
  93. jadi
    can you translate the first 4 examples?
  94. janganlah
    can you translate first 4 examples?
  95. kuda
    membuat kuda?
  96. kulit
    what is context for kulit keras? thick skin? hard leather? hard shell (of oyster?) hard bark (of tree?)
  97. lega
    any examples meaning to bow, pay respect? or all examples are relieved?
  98. masyarakat

    ① pelbagai lapisan masyarakat talking about different social groups in a hierarchy, contrasting rich and poor? or simply different community groups like people who do sports, single moms, LGBT people, Christians, etc? what are examples of lapisan?
    ② nama masyarakat bangsa dan agama
  99. mayat
    mayat subuh? bas mayat? melayat mayat? mayat sahabatnya? mayat jenazah?
  100. memandang
    any examples mean consider, regard?
  101. membuang
    is membuang undi to spoil your ballot by writing an invalid option or making no checkmark? or waste your vote by voting for a minority candidate who has no chance of winning?
  102. meminta
    meminta agar dibebaskan dari cengkaman?
  103. mengajar

    ① mengajar mengaji only teaching Qurʾānic recitation? or teaching other things too? mengajar pelajaran = teach a class? a lesson? lessons?
    ② Aku yang akan penat duduk mengajar?
  104. mengangkat
    mengangkat muka? mengangkat wajah? to raise one’s face, after reading a book for example? or from emotion of interest or surprise? or other more common meaning or context?
  105. menyentuh
    physical touch? or emotional touching?
  106. mesra

    ① bergaul mesra? yang terjadi cinta mesra hampa?
    ② any examples for tumour or cancer?
    ③ any examples mean 'well mixed'?
    ④ senyum mesra is the verb (give a warm smile) or noun (a warm smile)?
  107. mi
    cabut mi? mi hodong?
  108. nanti
    cannot find example with meaning 'or else, otherwise'
  109. nina
    woman's name?
  110. orang
    the meaning of 'orang besar' is normally an adult? an important person? a tall person?
  111. orangnya
    can you create examples to teach the meaning of orangnya bengis? baik orangnya?
  112. pada
    'buku itu ada pada kakak' means 'for' or 'with' or?
  113. papan
    kepingan papan same meaning as just papan?
  114. para
    can pronounce -e?
  115. petak
    any examples where petak is classifier?
  116. pukul
    translate? Dua minggu yang mula memang tepat pukul lapan pagi teksi diambil. Tepat pukul lima petang dia menghantar balik teksi...
  117. rambut
    is membelai rambut and mengusap rambut only when caressing hair because it feels good or while thinking or showing love, or also means combing and brushing to make the hair look nice?
  118. ringkas
    serba ringkas is used as an adverb? or as adjective? can give 2 examples with context?
  119. sedar
    can it be used both ways?
    (a) I realized that the salesman was lying.
    (b) The woman is conscious or awake. She is not sleeping.
  120. sengaja
    sengaja mengelak daripada?
    ① Masatoshi berasa pelik juga apabila memikirkan Mariah yang seolah-olah sengaja mengelak daripada berjumpa dengannya.
    ② dalam cawannya dengan tergopoh-gapah dan bangkir, lalu meninggalkan meja, sengaja mengelak daripada terus ditatap. Amat jelas ayat yang baru terhambur itu mewujuidkan...
  121. senjata
    tombak and lembing are similar weapons (spear)? both used for throwing also?
  122. seronok
    ① Seronok hendak makan agaknya atau dia seronok dengan isi cerita di dalam buku yang baru dibelinya itu.
    ② bergerak-gerak mengikut sentuhan tangan Sachiko, menandakan kucing itu berasa seronok.
  123. tanah
    tanah tumpah?
  124. tiket

    ① tempah tiket is a verb plus noun (to book a ticket), same as menempah? a noun phrase (a ticket order), same as penempahan?
    ② berapa satu tiket tu...
    (a) is this still the most common way to ask the price of a ticket?
    (b) what is the grammatical role of the word 'tu'? for example, to describe tiket, maybe 'that ticket' or 'one ticket' or 'for a ticket'? to make a question?
  125. timbul

    ① 'timbul perasaan kesal di hatinya' is transitive (something created a feeling of regret in his heart, something made him feel bad) or intransitive (a feeling of regret appeared in his heart, a bad feeling appeared in his heart) or could be both?
    ② find examples of 'timbul rasa', also wondering if it's transitive or intransitive