Bahasa Melayu Singapura


    Always answer based on the corpus examples.
  1. bercakap
    boleh bercakap?
  2. bimbit
    any examples not related to phone? is this a verb for carrying things in the hand?
  3. binatang
    mostly used for mammals? also used for birds? reptiles?
  4. bisa
    any examples mean venom or poison?
  5. bulan

    ① bulan mengambang same meaning as bulan purnama?
    ② anak bulan same meaning as bulan sabit?
  6. cerah
    it means sunny with light? or clear and calm with no wind or clouds? malam yang cerah?
  7. masyarakat

    ① pelbagai lapisan masyarakat talking about different social groups in a hierarchy, contrasting rich and poor? or simply different community groups like people who do sports, single moms, LGBT people, Christians, etc? what are examples of lapisan?
    ② nama masyarakat bangsa dan agama
  8. membuang
    is membuang undi to spoil your ballot by writing an invalid option or making no checkmark? or waste your vote by voting for a minority candidate who has no chance of winning?
  9. mengajar

    ① mengajar mengaji only teaching Qurʾānic recitation? or teaching other things too? mengajar pelajaran = teach a class? a lesson? lessons?
    ② Aku yang akan penat duduk mengajar?
  10. mengangkat
    mengangkat muka? mengangkat wajah? to raise one’s face, after reading a book for example? or from emotion of interest or surprise? or other more common meaning or context?
  11. mesra

    ① bergaul mesra? yang terjadi cinta mesra hampa?
    ② any examples for tumour or cancer?
    ③ any examples mean 'well mixed'?
    ④ senyum mesra is the verb (give a warm smile) or noun (a warm smile)?
  12. papan
    kepingan papan same meaning as just papan?
  13. para
    can pronounce -e?
  14. pukul
    translate? Dua minggu yang mula memang tepat pukul lapan pagi teksi diambil. Tepat pukul lima petang dia menghantar balik teksi...
  15. senjata
    tombak and lembing are similar weapons (spear)? both used for throwing also?
  16. tanah
    tanah tumpah?